Before contributing to the wiki, it is advised you read the rules. It is recommended that you read Wikia's Terms of Use

Not Allowed

  • Cursing/Swearing.
  • Spamming in chat.
  • Caps lock in chat.
  • Vandalizing pages or taking away necessary information in articles/other things and adding unnecessary information. You will receive a two day block.
  • Being inappropriate, immature, racist, or having sexual behavior to others on the wiki.
  • Being rude.
  • Making pages that have no relation to Disney Infinity or the topic of this wiki.
  • Editing user pages.
  • Inserting sexually explicit content or pictures.
  • Plagiarizing any page, copying and pasting information off other sites.


  • Participating in user activities like parties and contests.
  • Edit pages and contribute videos, photos, and pages!


Photos should not have an improper name. All photos must be labeled accordingly. The picture will either be removed or simply renamed. When uploading an image to the wiki, please give the image a name that relates to the image itself rather than multiple random numbers or letters that the file name may have taken when it was saved. For example:

  • Not Allowed: Tumblr_mbphn0yzkC1rtqwfvo1_500.png
  • Not Allowed: Hiro543520645225523 n.jpg
  • Not Allowed: AnnaFigye-5167.jpg
  • Allowed: Elsa_Figure.png

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